No Question FeedBack
1 Did you get the assessment programme sufficiently in advance? YesNo
2 Was the assessment carried out as per the plan and schedule? YesNo
3 Did the assessment team leader brief you about the methodology of assessment? YesNo
4 Were the issues raised relevant, based on requirements/facts? YesNo
5 Did the issues add value in terms of improving your activities and process? YesNo
6 Did the assessment team assess your site(s) sufficiently to come to a conclusion?

7 Were the relevant personnel interviewed? YesNo
8 Did the assessment team check relevant records to verify and collect evidence of compliance? YesNo
9 Were the opening and closing meeting conducted professionally? YesNo
10 Was the assessment team impartial and fair in assessment? YesNo
1 Were your communications replied to promptly? YesNo
2 Did you get sufficient info about the certification process information before putting in your application for certification? YesNo
3 Did you get the reports or notify with the non-conformities detected in the assessment process? YesNo
4 Were you satisfied with the speed of decision making by HEIACert? YesNo
1 How would you rate the quality of our Services in comparison with others based on your experience?

Significantly betterSlightly improveThe same/similarSignificantly worse
2 Please tell us how we might better serve you in the future. What type of certification want to be add at HEIACert activities?