Relationship to HEIA

  1. HEIACert is a wholly owned, as a part of legal entity of HEIA and shall operate independently of HEIA other than the fact that facilities and several staff members will be subcontract (regarding HEIACert Central services).
  2. The relationship shall be based on and comply with accreditation standard, Egyptian laws regulations, and other standards/schemes used and operated in the HEIACert Quality Management System as required to operate its operations accredited status.
  3. HEIACert Quality Management System commits the HEIACert Management, HEIA Board of Directors and all personnel of HEIACert, meaning the internal and the external personnel. All of them are responsible, in the area of their authority, for the maintenance of QMS on all the hierarchy levels of HEIA.
  4. HEIA shall have interim financial responsibility for HEIACert, so HEIA is providing funding to HEIACert as needed during the launch period. These funds will be repaid to HEIA as HEIACert begins to generate its own revenue and profit.
  5. HEIACert shall not delegate the authority for granting, maintaining, extending, suspending or withdrawing certification to an outside person or authority.

“The most important and vital that the relation between HEIA and HEIACert shall safeguard and assure impartiality and independence and commit by HEIA Board of Directors”



  1. It’s decided by HEIA General Assembly meeting and Board of Directors that the new department “HEIACert” shall be a totally independent entity from HEIA Organization.
  2. This entity shall be legally established in compliance with Egyptian laws, and managed by the management team of qualified personnel apart from HEIA’s organization, and the relation between HEIA and the HEIACert shall be defined in a way that assures total independent and impartiality are maintained.


Refer to HEIACert Quality Manual – Version 2.0