Relationship with HEIA

Founded in 1996 with 25 members, the Horticultural Export Improvement Association (HEIA) is a fully independent industry-driven non-governmental organization (NGO) which operates on a not-for-profit basis.

Today, HEIA has over 700 members including producers, exporters, suppliers of horticultural products and agricultural equipment and packaging materials suppliers.

By supporting the Egyptian horticultural community, HEIA strives to enhance the quality of exported fresh produce through the continuous improvement of Agri-extension services and logistics services.

By Lobbying government and senior governmental officials working in the agricultural sector HEIA aims to ensure that the agricultural and horticultural industries are fully involved in any decisions that may relate to them.



HEIA General Assembly decided  that “HEIACert” shall be a totally independent department. HEIACert dpt. shall be legally developed in compliance with Egyptian laws, and managed by a qualified personnel 


Refer to HEIACert Quality Manual – Version 2.0