Safeguarding Impartiality Committee

The Committee of Safeguarding Impartiality responsibilities:

  1. Guarantee of impartiality of the HEIACert certification activities, as well as that all persons who perform the assessment activities, from any other organization (or person) who has an interest in the assessment result activities.
  2. Advise and recommend on matters relating to the impartiality of certification activities, such as technical rules, certification criteria, procedures, guidance documents, including policy matters relating to the operation of HEIACert and supervision of the implementation of those policies.
  3. Advice on matters that might be affecting the impartiality and confidence of certification, including openness and public perception, besides guiding the development of new certification schemes.
  4. Assist in the identification of conflicts of interest that might exist or arise and counter any risks that may prevent HEIACert, operating with objectivity and impartiality in issuing certificates. To ensure that potentially critical activities at HEIACert/HEIA are identified, therefore on these risk assessments are performed, to prevent interference with the certification services and approving the HEIACert Hazard Log.
  5. Provide advice or give decisions on any complaint or appeal forwarded by the HEIACert.
  6. Supervise/monitor the income sources and finances of HEIACert to ensure that initially and on an ongoing basis Financial, commercial or other pressures do not compromise its impartiality.
  7. Verify, through a systematic sampling at least once every 12 months, certified clients’ files, performed in the time interval from the previous meeting, to ensure the fairness and impartiality of the certification process relative to the assessment team and the independence of each member in charge.
  8. Treat information obtained during the CSI meetings as confidential and privileged information.



The Committee of Safeguarding Impartiality Membership:

The Committee of Safeguarding Impartiality (CSI) consists of representatives of the various parties to safeguard impartiality and independence of the certification activities implemented by HEIACert.

CSI composition shall be a balanced mix of different categories of parties with a stake in the certification.

HEIACert accept requests from the open market to get impaneled on the committee. Individuals interested in serving in the CSI must submit, to HEIACert, a copy of their Biograph/CV, documents pertinent to their qualifications and experience, as well as other material for review by the HEIACert.

The CSI Members experience requirements:

Members shall possess a minimum of 10 years of management-level experience in their specialty.

Demonstrated knowledge of the fields of HEIACert certification schemes/scopes of

Demonstrated knowledge of the governmental regulations in the technical area, or related academia.

The registered CSI Members are:

Membership on the committee is personal and members are normally initially appointed for 2 years.

The maximum number of years a member can service is 6 years consecutively.

CSI Members has no financial compensation is awarded, nor to its organization.

CSI Members shall sign the HEIACert Confidentiality & Conflict of Interest Declaration.

The Committee Members elected the Committee Chairperson normally for a 2 years term.

The Committee of Safeguarding Impartiality (CSI) quorum necessary shall be at least (3) external members representing the interested parties. In the case of two unexcused and consecutive absences of the member, HEIACert Management may ask for a replacement to the presenter body or exclude that member.



If you have concern to be a committee member, or found any breach to our impartiality, or conflict of interest exist through our certification activities (with solid evidence), please don’t hesitate and contact with: Mr. Mostafa Adel (HEIACert Quality Assurance Manager): E-mail