Complaints / Appeals


HEIACert is committed to providing a value-adding certification service and aims to maintain the highest standards with totally impartiality and confidentiality in all our dealings with our clients, third parties, and stakeholders. However, we recognize that on occasion it may raise a complaint/appeal with us.

Besides, HEIACert welcomes receiving a Complaint from a consumer or any other party about HEIACert Certified Client that shows does not comply with the certification requirements or any opinions about our handling of certification or any other related matters with HEIACert.

Present all the complaints/appeal and the conclusion for Management Review Meeting, and available to the HEIACert Committee for Safeguarding Impartiality.

Complaints and/or appeals shall be processed in accordance with the relevant HEIACert complaints and appeals procedure, for complaint/appeal, the complainant/appellant shall upload from the the below formats:


PDF Format    HEIACert Complaint and Appeal Form (V3.1)

WORD Format  HEIACert Complaint and Appeal Form (V3.1)

All necessary information included the terms and conditions are available on the Complaint and Appeal Form (above), however for more clarification please contact with:
Mrs. Reham Hatem (HEIACert Customer Service) email 
Mr. Mostafa Adel (HEIACert Quality Assurance Manager) email