HEIACert Policies

HEIACert is a 3rd party Conformity Assessment Body (CAB) providing Products and Management Systems Certification Services, as per the international standards ISO/IEC 17065, ISO/IEC 17021-1, and other applicable standards and schemes.

Quality is the key to helping our clients grow their businesses: quality information that is credible and impartial; quality services that are transparent, flexible, and consistent; and quality products that consistently meet international standards. Therefore, “quality” is something worth striving for, if it enables our clients to improve their products, systems, and/or performance.  Delivering quality enables HEIACert to deliver on our mission. HEIACert’s expertise and knowledge, coupled with our rigid code of conduct, enables us to deliver a credible, quality service that creates added value for our clients. This, in turn, enables our clients to maximize their potential in export and high-value domestic markets.

Our Commitments

HEIACert is committed to maintaining an internal quality management system, incorporating all accreditation requirements, which supports our quality policy and encourages a culture of continuous process improvement throughout the business.

        • We ensure proximity to our clients/customers.
        • We advocate high-quality and credible assessments (Inspections/Audits) and certifications.
        • We commit to an excellent reputation for our services.
        • We increase the competence of our employees with targeted continuous training.
        • We are committed to sustainable business relationships.
        • We stimulate our business partners to further develop their systems, processes, and procedures to optimally meet the chosen standards.
        • We support the scheme owners with recognized competencies in the development and revision of standards and concepts.

Promote Competencies

        • We encourage high social and professional competence as well as the versatility of our employees.
        • We support and promote our employees as a central pillar of our success and customer relationships.

Our Principles

        • We strictly adhere to and comply with accreditation guidelines, scheme owner guidelines, and legal requirements.
        • We treat all clients according to the same standards and with high personal commitment.
        • We work with a lean organization with efficient and effective processes and procedures that focus on client needs.
        • We commit to the continuous improvement of our Quality Management System.
        • We monitor and preserve our impartiality.

Refer to HEIACert Quality Manual – Version 5.0

To fulfill the requirements for recognition as a compliance certification body.

To fulfill the requirements for accreditation as stated by the relevant accreditation bodies.

To be one of the foremost respected certification bodies in Egypt for Certification Services.

To provide a certification service to all clients that will help them strengthen the quality of their produce/systems/performance.

All assignments shall be executed within the time limits agreed upon between the client and HEIACert, especially: To fulfill the expectations of our clients, as well as other interested parties, regarding the level of confidence in our certification.

Refer to HEIACert Quality Manual – Version 5.0

  • HEIACert Confidentiality Policy has been established to implement and maintain adequate arrangements consistent with applicable national laws, accreditation bodies’ requirements, schemes owners’ requirements, or regulations to safeguard the confidentiality of the information obtained in its certification activities at all levels of the organization.
  • HEIACert is held responsible and accountable, through a legally enforceable agreement, the HEIACert Certification Agreement, signed by the client and HEIACert. This Agreement identifies the confidentiality arrangements between HEIACert and the client for the management of all information obtained or created during the performance of certification activities.
  • All information about the HEIACert client obtained from sources other than the client itself (e.g. from the complainant or regulators) is treated as confidential, as well, except for the information that the client makes publicly available, or when agreed upon by HEIACert and the concerned client (e.g. to respond to complaints).  All other information is considered proprietary information and shall be regarded as confidential.
  • Therefore, HEIACert handles all client-specific information as confidential and only releases this information when forced to do so by law (or as stated in the signed Certification Agreement). HEIACert will inform the concerned client of any release of information, in advance.
  • Except for HEIACert Certified Clients, HEIACert discloses the general information, such as the name of the company/producer, the scope of certification, the relevant standard/scheme, and the validity of the certificate. HEIACert does not disclose any other information concerning the client or any employee of the company/producer, without the express written consent of the client or individual concerned.
  • All HEIACert personnel (internal and external), especially those that take part in inspection/audit activities or those who act with the information gathered during certification activities are required to sign the HEIACert Code of Conduct Agreement to assure that they understand and will comply with our Confidentiality Policy.
  • As well, the members of the Committee for Safeguarding Impartiality (CSI) are obliged and are held accountable to handling any documents and information obtained during the performance of committee activities as strictly confidential. Committee members are required to sign the HEIACert Confidentiality & Conflict of Interest Declaration.

Refer to HEIACert Quality Manual – Version 5.0

If you have concern, or found any breach to our confidentiality policy (with solid evidence), please don’t hesitate and contact with:

HEIACert applies a rigorous non-discrimination policy whereby our services are available to all companies and individuals who operate businesses within the targeted industries (agriculture, horticulture, food, suppliers, and service providers for agriculture and horticulture, etc.). All clients are guaranteed equal quality of service, regardless of membership in the HEIA organization, company/producer size, number of certifications, operating conditions, etc. Our non-discrimination policy is administered consistently, impartially, and rigorously.

Refer to HEIACert Quality Manual – Version 5.0

If you have concern, or found any breach to our policy (with solid evidence), please don’t hesitate and contact with: