Relationship to HEIA

History of HEIA

Founded in 1996 with 25 members, HEIA (Horticultural Export Improvement Association) is a fully independent, industry-driven non-governmental organization (NGO) which operates on a not-for-profit basis.

Today, HEIA counts over 700 members including producers, exporters, suppliers of horticultural products, and companies working in the agricultural equipment and packaging material supply industries.

HEIA strives to enhance the quality of fresh produce exports through a range of services offered to members within Egypt’s horticultural coummunity, including: study tours, logistics support, training of small farmers and laborers, lobbying, etc. The aim of HEIA’s lobbying activities is to represent the agriculture and horticulture industries vis-á-vis the government of Egypt, in order to ensure that policies and regulations benefit rather than hinder continued growth and success of the horticulture sector.

  • Organization Name: Horticultural Export Improvement Association (HEIA)
  • HEIA Head Office address: El-Mehwar El-Markazi, El-Saraya Compound, Bldg. No.4, Block 1/11,6th of October City, Giza, Egypt.
  • HEIA Website:



Relationship to HEIA

The HEIACert department is a part of the HEIA legal entity, and several staff members of HEIA (Central Services Department) support HEIACert operations.

The relationship between HEIA and HEIACert is based on and complies with applicable Egyptian laws, regulations, accreditation standards, and any other standards/schemes used and operated in the HEIACert Quality Management System, as required.

HEIACert QMS commits the HEIA Board of Directors, HEIACert Management, and all personnel of HEIACert, including internal and external personnel. All staff members are responsible, within the scope of their own authority, for the maintenance of QMS throughout all organizational levels of HEIA.

It is of utmost importance that the relationship between HEIA and HEIACert shall safeguard and assure the impartiality and independence of HEIACert.