HEIACert shortly

a) The HEIACert is a new project of HEIA, it’s defined as standalone, independent, and impartial department established by HEIA Board of Directors to deliver Accredited Product Certification and Inspection Services that secure the reputation of Egyptian fresh produce Exports industry.
b) This as a response to major concerns lately raised in Agribusiness Exports industry due to banning major exportable crops to a lot of countries due to complaints about safety, health and quality issues.
c) The new department “HEIACert” shall be acting in a very professional manner and according to international standards as ISO/IEC 17065 and ISO/IEC 17020.
d) All its operations shall be carried out in an impartial and independent way that assures there are no factors that lead to non-compliance with accreditation standards, regulations, and any legal requirements locally and /or internationally.
e) HEIACert services are administered consistently, rigorously, independent, impartially, and shall offer its services to everybody will obtain product(s) certification, where equal in quality of service, pricing policy, and non-discriminating services shall be offered, so that HEIACert Type of clients:
i. Clients who have a membership in HEIA Organization.
ii. Clients who do not have a membership in HEIA Organization.
f) HEIACert will not provide consulting services or personnel about how to achieve/maintain certification, nor will they provide any other services which would compromise the confidentiality, objectivity, or impartiality of its certification process and decisions.

a) It’s decided by HEIA General Assembly meeting and Board of Directors that the new project HEIACert shall be a totally independent entity from HEIA Organization.
b) This entity shall be legally established in compliance with Egyptian laws, and managed by the management team of qualified personnel apart from HEIA’s organization, and the relation between HEIA and the HEIACert shall be defined in a way that assures total independent and impartiality are maintained.